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Authentic Games YouTube channel is run by another YouTuber that does not speak English, so unless you speak the language or just enjoy watching the gameplay, then it can be hard to get into. However, this YouTube channel still does not lack in subscribers or views, with over 13 million subscribers and over 5 billion video views. Although we can not find a lot of information on the man who created this account, we do know that he is from Brazil, and is a professional gamer.

Regardless of what language is spoken, this channel has been creating some pretty awesome content, something that it shows through the amount of views that it gets from week to week. Alastair has over twelve million subscribers and just over three billion video views, giving him a current net worth of seven million dollars.

At the age of 24, he has been more successful than a lot of people are in their entire lives, and he is able to get this amount of success through doing something that he has always loved to do, something that most of us aspire to do. BCC Trolling is a YouTube channel dedicated to live streams and gameplay, but as of right now the channel is mainly comprised of videos of some random guy trolling people in Fortnite.

In the typical video that you watch on this channel right now, you will see a guy running around making people angry, doing silly things, and just really goofing off in the game, yet somehow still winning. Apparently, the comedy of it is really appealing to a lot of people because the channel currently has over five million subscribers and over one billion video views. Whoever runs this channel is raking in a total of just over one million dollars a year, and although we can not find a whole lot of information on them, it is safe to say that they are making a fortune doing something that keeps them happy while doing it.

The BCC Trolling channel is filled with videos that are of good quality and extremely funny to watch, but the amount of cursing in them leaves it off limits to certain age groups, but then again this is how it is for a lot of YouTube channels these days.

Picnic - Funny Clip - Classic Mr. Bean - 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

Cursing a lot seems to be the norm for gamers on YouTube, so parents be warned. Say the name Pewdiepie and just about everyone around you will know exactly who you are talking about, probably because he is without a doubt the highest earning and most well known YouTube gamer out there today. With over 62 million subscribers and well over 17 billion video views, this year-old Swedish YouTube star is raking in a total of thousand dollars every single month.

That is more than some of us will ever see in our entire lives, in just one month. It is truly amazing how successful this man has been with his YouTube career and whether you love him, or you hate him, his views continue to skyrocket every single day. Though he has had some controversial content on his channel from time to time, his fans have remained loyal to him and he is continuing to gain new fans with every passing day.

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Bringing in money that most of us could only dream to make, this guy has been more than generous with his donations to charity. Packattack is another YouTube channel that we have not been able to find a whole lot of information on, but we are able to say without a doubt how many subscribers and video views that they have today.

The current subscriber count stands at just over two million and they have well over three billion video views, although their earnings are not currently available, we can make an educated guess based off of what other people with similar views are making. We are also given a long list every game that they own, and they even include their username for each console for viewers to add them by, something that not a lot of YouTubers put out there for the public to see.

With over four million subscribers to his YouTube channel, YouTuber Lachlan seems to be a making a pretty big impression in the YouTube world. His current video views stand at just over one million and we can estimate him to be making about 1. Lachlan uploads daily videos, and although there is not a whole lot of information about him out there, we can make the assumption from watching his videos that he is a very laid back, funny guy, who loves to game. So what sets this young man apart from the rest of these YouTubers then? With as many views as he has, and as many loyal fans as he has, it is no wonder why he made it onto our top 25 YouTube Streamers list.

Making the kind of money that he does, he doesn't actually need to do anything other sit at home and play games in his spare time, and of course edit and upload his content, but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. HikakinGames is a Japanese YouTube Channel, who we admittedly had a little trouble digging up information on, but after a little toying around with google translate we have discovered that he actually has four YouTube channels.

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All together the four sites have 7. The gaming channel alone has 3. Although there is no word on how much he is making, we can again assume that he is bringing home around the same amount as the other YouTubers who have the same amount of views. He actually seems like a pretty funny guy, and with a combined total of 7. Gamingwithkev is a very innocent YouTube channel who mainly does video game streaming. It is very family friendly, and through the dozens of videos that we have watched of his, we have yet to hear any use of profanity.

Kev seems to be a real family guy, very kind, and very fun to watch. He has over 2. Which is more than enough to provide for himself and his family.

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Gamingwithkev has earned his spot on our top 25 list by creating content that viewers just can't get enough of, thus earning him a pretty big paycheck. If you want to watch some lets plays that are safe to play around your kids, or your kids need to watch someone who plays Roblox just like they do, then Gamingwithkev is the perfect choice for you and your family to watch.

Mike crack is a Spanish speaking YouTuber who focuses on many things on his channel, although he is listed as a musician because of his song parodies for games, he also does do a lot of gameplay on his channel as well. Mike crack does upload a new video every single day. He claims that his channel is loaded with laughter, adventure, and excitement, and that all he wants is to get a smile out of every one of his viewers.

He sounds like a pretty nice guy who is actually in this for the sole purpose of making others happy with the content that he creates. Which is much better than strictly being in it for the money. Mike crack currently has over 3. This is a fun, easy going channel that everyone should be subscribed to, because they are sure to get at least one laugh out of it, and that makes an entire video worth watching. Itsfunneh is the name of our next YouTube channel, which has slightly over two million subscribers and almost 1. Earning over 1.

Itsfunneh basically focuses on the gameplay of Minecraft and Roblox , but there are other things on this channel as well. Their about me section on YouTube also has an address to which fans can send in fan mail, something that not all YouTubers seem to be doing these days. However, there are a lot of people out there who can not get past the voices of the people behind these videos and therefore, they usually just end up either muting the videos or not watching at all.

It is, however, a family-friendly channel, so it is something that your children can watch, without all of the negative influences. There is usually a woman who seems to be playing the games, but there are sometimes multiple people as well. With over seven million subscribers and almost three billion video views, this man is bringing in 1. He, like many other gamers on YouTube, has been doing a lot of lets plays on Fortnite lately. Although he does speak a different language, you can still watch him and get the sense of what is going on, especially if you are familiar with the game.

So, technically speaking it is safe to watch around children without them picking up any bad words, unless they suddenly learn how to speak Turkish, in which case let them learn it because if they were smart enough to pick up on the language then so be it. Nonetheless, this YouTube channel seems to be loaded with some really great content, and it is worth it to go check it out and give it a shot.

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