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  1. Step 2. Crack open that notebook and get to work.
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What other books have already been published on the same topic? What is the competition like? And how is your book different? I found many YA novels that focused on rape and sexual assault, but far less nonfiction titles were aimed at my target age group. Within the nonfiction field, titles were specific to a certain set of survivors incest survivors vs.

Step 2. Crack open that notebook and get to work.

There were also books for adults that delved into sexual violence on college campus and beyond. Not as many focused on children and adolescents or were aimed at that age group.

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I also highlighted that this book is written by survivors of juvenile sexual violence, which gives it a leg up on being able to speak candidly with the intended audience. Just as with fiction, publishers want to get a sense of feel, voice and story. Can you find a few early writers willing to give you sample content?

What scope of subject and voice would you like those examples to reflect?

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I reached out to writers that I admire who had talked about this subject on their platforms in the past. They believed in the project and wrote me pieces early so that I could include them in the proposal. The book never would have sold without the thoughtful, intense essays of Carrie Jones and Melissa Marr. They were also willing to do the question and answer component, so the publisher could get a feel for the content side-by-side. I included statistics in these sample pages as well, which gave an extra emphasis on my ability to research and pull from resources on the subject matter.

Our proposal went out in late and by early we had a contract. Erin E. She also works as teen librarian at the Derry Public Library where she maintains a collection of awesome YA books and leads teen programming. Erin loves fostering new voices, which makes her an active school visitor, mentor and workshop leader to writers of all ages.

She is a proud Vermont College of Fine Arts alum, as well as a teen advocate, a humanist, a feminist, and a would-be philanthropist if she could find any extra dollars. By Erin E. Moulton In , I had an idea for an anthology. I also did reach into the YA lit community and received some amazing stories and poems. In the years since bodice-rippers first rose to prominence within the genre and the marketplace, romance writers have been grappling with the questions raised by these sorts of assumptions about their work.

That sucks.

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In The Proposal , the thing Nik most needs after the disastrous titular event is a reprieve from constant, caustic attention. The sex scenes are scintillating not just because of the acts they describe, but because of the attention Guillory pays to pacing and communication. But it also underscores a crucial requisite for the lustful activity to follow: enthusiastic consent. G uillory says one of the best compliments she received about The Wedding Date was that the book could serve as a model for young people who want to better understand romantic boundaries.

A friend from law school read the book with her book club, which comprised several mothers of young children. Read: When pop culture sells dangerous myths about romance.

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Guillory credits the world of romance with addressing the importance of uncoerced interest well before other genres or mediums were paying attention to the dynamics inherent in how people relate to one another. And I think romance can play a really big role in that. The author writes black women who do not need to announce themselves. Neither does Carlos, her love interest, have to take up the mantle of immigration reform to be a believable Mexican American man. In The Wedding Date , Alexa pilots a program for court-involved youth, but the root of her concern lies close to home.

So often, characters of color function largely to represent the issues their communities face. For Guillory, romance novels also help soothe the difficulty of existing in a world that is often hostile to women, and to people of color of all genders. We want to hear what you think about this article.