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Yup, here in Raleigh, NC to be specific. Pretty progressive area with a nice art scene and good job market, esp. Spent a good bit of time working in kitchens after design school, learning from some great chefs and having an awesome time.

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Now its to the office, bright and early to design collegiate tees. I hope to be in a position similar to yours one day; working hard and toiling for a dream and company all my own. Amsterdam, anyone? Well good luck with it mate!

I was actually in Amsterdam just last year — a great country indeed, very fun! Hey Jacob! Congrats on the publicity! What an exciting opportunity and the article looks great. Hey Vicki, Thank you and all the best. Thanks again. May Thursday, May 28, Personal.


At the bottom of this article you will find some student mobiles — curious? What inspires you? On Layers magazine: I think the diversification of Layers is what makes it stand out. What are you working on now? What has been your crowning achievement so far? Any advice?

Instant Inspiration

Student Mobiles Moving on from magazines to mobiles… not mobile phones — mobiles — the old fashioned ones. Your comments are welcome, as always. Related Posts. Jacob's clients have included Jerry Seinfeld, Disney and Nintendo. Call me elitist or whatever but this is the reality. Is David Carlington for real? Great work on getting that feature Jacob!

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Nice spread. Look everyone! David Carlington is a faggot? Oh Lassie! I sure hope David Carlington never becomes a design teacher. His thinking is too rigid. So Carlington bases his opinion on the whole of Australian designers on one assignment? Looks like someone got told off in their Elitist Design Studio in Europe and needed to vent! You go Jacob! Jacob, I think it is great that you allowed this guys response on your bog. Thank you all for your support… troll or not, it was still worth a response.

Good job Jacob on having your shit australian design featured in an american magazine. Interesting, um. This is really very cool. I want to study abroad in Australia at some point. Callum, It was pretty surreal as I mentioned! We at Imagine Yourself, hereby grant you permission to take time out of your busy schedule and grab hold of a few precious moments to unwind, decompress, and RELAX.

In fact, taking a step back from it all can offer insight and new. People need people. Loneliness can affect anyone, even someone in a room full of laughter and loved ones. However, being alone and being lonely are not necessarily the same thing.

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How can we make sure that we and those around us have the connections we crave? Our guest, Matt. Imagine Yourself Savoring the Seasons of Life. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Savor the beauty of it all. Why are seasons so important, and what do they signify in your life? Seasons add beauty and variety to our world. Seasons also mark the passage of time.

They remind us that all things on earth, from the most wonderful to the most terrible, have an expiration date. It can.

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Wanna spice up your life? Your relationships? Your meals? Your friends will barely recognize the new, Spontaneous You… No more planning and prodding and worrying—just do it—spontaneously! What if there was really a product out there that could do. To forgive or not to forgive is a heavy decision. But what if you had to offer forgiveness to others in order to receive it yourself? This is where it gets hard. Forgiveness is a complex gift that is definitely easier to receive.

Your mind is running wild with ideas for your next big thing! You have a gift, a talent, a voice, a specialty—and you are finally ready to use it. You have dreams of creating something unique and special to share with the world. You have visions of finally turning that potential into a reality. BUT, unfortunately, none of it will come to fruition unless you take that first step, unless you make it happen! After getting the opportunity to spe.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? I need to do more. I need to be more. I need to stand out more. More attention. More success. More likes. That helped me a lot.

Instant Inspiration for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

In my college days, I was listening to New Age stuff. Right now I never listen to it I guess I was young. I was also listening to rock music and pop, but not jazz. I started listening to jazz right before university and it changed everything. Before university, I was writing chamber music - big stuff with strings, horns and woodwinds. I was into that stuff and I still am. But once I started listening to jazz, I was taken by its construction. That simplicity amazed me. Yes, but I also know that in that simplicity there can be so many complicated things. Other people that listen to me and the kind of music I make tend not to think so You try something different all the time and sometimes things can go wrong.

In those moments you have to be okay about it because the show must go on. You have to realize that some things are not the way that you thought they would be - but it happens. That kind of thing. Too many things happened in between. I also produce and arrange for other projects. I got a little lost in too many things. Most of the tunes are brand new. In , I was in a depression and I realized that I had to do what makes me happy and wanted to do this second album. I reminded myself that I can also write music of my own.